This ain’t your Daddy’s pizza joint!

LiV Luvs Moon River Pizza!  Hands down one of our favorite pizza joints here in Jacksonville. If you are looking for your Daddy’s pizza joint…this aint it!  Bright colors, great food, some of the best service in town, and ohhh, did we mention that the pizza is off the chain good?  So if you are looking for a funky fun environment to chill with friends or even have a quick lunch meeting with your co-workers, Moon River is the perfect spot.  Located in the Murray Hill section of Jacksonville, Moon River is centrally located to downtown Jacksonville, Ortega, and Avondale.

Here are our picks:

Start with a house salad.  A crisp combination of romaine
lettuce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, roma
tomatoes, mozzarella and a creamy Italian dressing. And the Italian dressing….it’s the best we’ve ever had!

Image by LiV staff

Who really goes to a pizza joint to eat a salad?  It’s really all about the pizza!  At moon river you will find freshly prepared pizzas using the finest ingredients.  From fresh dough, to hearty tomato sauce with only the most traditional Italian seasonings….it doesn’t get any better than this.

Image by LiV staff
Moon River Pizza
1176 Edgewood Drive South
Murray Hill
Jacksonville, FL 32205
904.389.4442 |

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